Completions 2019

The project name Completions is an ode to its purpose; a reminder to its founding member, Shawn Alpay, that within creative pursuits, it’s more important to finish an imperfect creation than to let it die on the vine.

A cello, plucked and strummed like a guitar, is the driving rhythmic force behind Completions, with Shawn singing evocative vignettes over it. His accompanying instruments have ranged from none at all to large orchestral projects, but Shawn is now finding his place somewhere in the middle; preserving the intimacy of a solo act with tasteful arrangements that serve to enhance each song.



Shawn explored the death of his mother through haunting and honest reflections in a 2015 self-titled EP. Now, with the project’s new material, slated to be released in 2019, he’s turned that same vivid, unwavering attention to himself, fusing memorable melodies with personal scenes or moments that have formed him.

An engineer and producer in his own right, Shawn honed his craft at John Vanderslice’s recording studio Tiny Telephone in San Francisco. He’s no stranger to time on the road, either, having toured across the US and Europe, and working as a touring cellist in Matt Pond PA, Father John Misty, and How To Dress Well.

Completions, now based in Portland, Oregon, will be playing across the US this Spring, 2019.